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Digital Marketing Services

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SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Big Data Analysis, Responsive Website Design and Web Development

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term used for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the internet, but also includes marketing on mobile devices, digital display advertising, and other digital medium.

We offer an array of digital marketing services including: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) | SEM (Search Engine Marketing) | SMO (Social Media Optimization) | SMM (Social Media Marketing) | Responsive Website Design | Web Development | Big Data Analytics and Social Media Listening / Monitoring Tools.

Do you need to increase your company's web traffic or sales? Digital marketing services with lead generation is the answer. Bangkok Digital Services can create targeted digital campaigns on the web and social media to drive traffic and increase sales opportunities. At Bangkok Digital Services we provide digital marketing services for both B2Bs and B2Cs.

Is your business getting the exposure you need or want? Bangkok Digital Services has been using online and offline channels to increase a Brand's awareness for more than a decade now. We know what it takes and we know how much its going to cost.

Social Media Services

Social media has made a huge impact on people's lives. As a result marketing on social media channels is a must. From creating interesting and engaging content to building targeted campaigns, Bangkok Digital Services has you covered with elite social media services.

Digital Marketing Consultants

Now you can contract Bangkok Digital Services as your company's digital marketing consultants. We offer digital marketing consultation packages to suit your company's needs. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Social Media Listening / Monitoring Tools

Bangkok Digital Services supplies the tools and the services associated with social media listening / monitoring. Get a clear understanding of what your clients or potential clients want from your Brand and your industry. Checkout their sentiment when your Brand or industry comes up in social conversations. And finally, make sense of all the noise. Social media listening / monitoring tools will give your business the advantage over your competitors.

Research & Social Selling

Research & Social Selling

Listen & Track

Listen & Track

Curate & Create

Curate & Create

Engage & Respond

Engage & Respond

Analyze & Report

Analyze & Report

Ads & Campaigns

Ads & Campaigns


Big Data Analytics

It is really simple the benefits of big data analytics are speed and efficiency. A few years ago a company would gather information, run analytics and discover information that could be used for future decisions. Today that same company can pinpoint insights for immediate action. The ability to work faster gives companies a competitive edge.

Today, everything we do online today is tracked. The data that is collected can be of great value, if you are able to decode it. Bangkok Digital Services provides its clients with the insights they need to stay ahead. We can dig deep into the collected data and optimize websites, social media profiles, digital marketing campaigns and so much more.

By digging further and deeper through collected Big Data we can even see trends and establish finely tuned marketing opportunities. We can even make recommendations to improve campaigns' performance and maximize ROI (Return on Investment).

Here is just a short list of what reports we can generate and analyze for our clients.

  1. Visitor Traffic Analysis & Reports
  2. SEM Campaign – Pay Per Click Reports
  3. SEM Campaign – Display Banner Reports
  4. SEM Campaign – Video Display Reports
  5. Social Media Engagement Reports
  6. Social Media Marketing Reports
  7. Social Media Search Reports
  8. Vistor Session Reports
  9. Webpage Heat Maps Reports

Bangkok Digital Services Can Help!

We can help you sort through the information overload of big data analytics. For more information on Big Data Analytics please do not hesitate to contact us.

Client Portfolio

Bangkok Digital Services Co., Ltd. has had the pleasure of working with some of Thailand's elite companies in various industries.
Our understanding of Digital Marketing enables us to represent these companies successfully.

Client - Amadeus Thailand
Client - Citibank Thailand
Client - LG Thailand
Client - Regus Thailand
Client - Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok
Client - The Westin Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok
Client - Marriott Sukhumvit Park Bangkok
Client - Juslaws & Consult Thailand
Client - Radisson Blu
Client - CIMB
Client - Sysomos
Client - Frontis
Client - Brand's Thailand
Client - MG Thailand
Client - Tennant
Client - ITO Thailand