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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) packages

SEO Health Check - Website Audit - Thailand

* SEO Health Check, Website Audit - For Desk-Top & Mobile Search *

SEO Health Check

Bangkok Digital Services will run software on the client's website that will aid us in analyzing the SEO health of their website. The package will produce a set of reports that will clearly show the website's strengths and weaknesses

Price : 23,900 THB plus VAT - minimum 20 pages
Extra : 990 THB per page plus VAT maximum 100 pages
Over 100 Pages : Contact Us
Contract : None
Delivery : 30 - 90 Days

Part (A) Includes:

  • Generate website audit
  • Perform mobile compatibility test
  • Generate keyword ranking report

Part (B) Includes:

  • Analyze website health report
  • Submit website health report
  • Summerize website health report
  • Analyze webpage reports
  • Submit webpage reports
  • Summerize webpage reports
  • Analyze keyword ranking report
  • Submit keyword ranking report
  • Summerize keyword ranking report