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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) packages

Search Engine Optimization Packages - Bangkok Thailand

* SEO Package - SEO Health Check - For Desk-Top & Mobile Search *

SEO Health Check

Bangkok Digital Services will install certain tracking codes on the client's website that will aid us in analyzing the SEO health of your website. The package will also offer advice on how to better the website's rankings and fix SEO flaws.

Price : 6,900 THB plus VAT per Month
Contract : 12 Months
Deliverables : Monthly

Part (A) Includes:

  • Generate website health report (mini audit)
  • Generate back link report
  • Generate keyword ranking report
  • Generate website traffic report

Part (B) Includes:

  • Analyze website health report
  • Submit website health report
  • Summerize website health report
  • Analyze back link report
  • Submit back link report
  • Summerize back link report
  • Analyze keyword ranking report
  • Submit keyword ranking report
  • Summerize keyword ranking report
  • Analyze website traffic report
  • Submit website traffic report
  • Summerize website traffic report

Website Health Report Includes:

  • Page authority report (0-100)
  • Moz rank score (0-10)
  • Domain authority report (0-100)
  • Summarize all monthly SEO activities and suggest Fixes

Website Security Test